Turku: good to know

City of Turku

Founded: ca. 1229 (Oldest city in Finland)
Inhabitants: 191 603
Total area: 306,35 km²

Turku is the oldest city in Finland and it used to be the capital city from 1809 until 1812. Turku is known especially for its rich cultural field. Turku is sometimes referred to as the “Paris of Finland” because the river Aura flows through the city same way as the river Seine flows through Paris. Turku is officially a bilingual city and approximately 5,4 per cent of its population speak Swedish as their first language.

Tourist information

Address: Aurakatu 2, in the city centre
Phone: (02) 262 7444
E-mail: info@visitturku.fi
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8.30-18
Sat-Sun 10-15