keðja presents: Stretch Turku
17-20 October 2019

The main theme of the encounter is Expanding Professionalism and the focus will be on capacity building and acquiring new skills, new working and operating models and better communication about dance. All these are key issues when developing the dance field toward a more sustainable direction.

These themes will be dealt with through talks and discussions, workshops, sharing sessions and roundtables.

Thursday 17th through Saturday 19th will be full programme days, so we strongly recommend arriving in Turku on Wednesday 16th and departing on Sunday 20th.
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Please note, that the programme is preliminary and subject to changes and additions.


Expanding professionalism

Opening keynote and panel discussion

The opening keynote will address the main theme of expanding professionalism and professional identities. Discussing the development of dance professions is necessary within the field, and more generally in relation to changes in the world of work. The panel discussion that follows will challenge the different perspectives of expanding professionalism. What does multiprofessionalism mean in practice? How should we start thinking differently about our skill sets? What is value and what is added value?  It’s time to start seeing artists as experts; it’s time to unravel the myth of the independent and free artist and deconstruct the dichotomy between the mythical and the instrumental value of art.

Keynote: Kai Lehikoinen (FI), Director of CERADA Research Centre at the University of Arts, Helsinki & Vice-Director of ArtsEqual Research Initiative

Panelists: tbc


What is the point of it all? Working internationally in the age of ecological crisis

Keynote and panel discussion and a following working group session

We are in the midst of an ecological crisis that impact the art field as well as the society at large. Restraining climate change will require significant changes in consumption habits, travel and production, to name a few. Dance is an international art form, so what does working internationally mean in times of climate change? Artists can act as drivers for transition and be at the forefront in tackling these most pressing issues, so how should we prepare for a more sustainable future and which are the first steps to be taken?

A keynote and panel discussion will address these questions, among others, from different perspectives. After the discussion we will go from words to actions and develop practical proposals for measures to be taken by the dance community.

Keynote and panelists: tbc


Where Art relates to the Society – Introducing Dance Dramaturgy as a Practice of Contextualization

3-day workshop

In this intensive theoretical-practical workshop we are going to discuss the role of dance dramaturgy as a practice of contextualisation and explore the tools that it provides for linking art with the society. We will look at art work as a communicative action, that puts forth contexts such as local and social structures. We will discuss relevant questions such as how to step out of the bubble and relate one’s own work to the society – without compromizing your very own artistic idea. We will introduce and practice different methodologies such as articulating artistic intentions, especially towards the audience, curators and to the ones collaborating with you.

The 3-day workshop will be kicked off with an introductory talk open for everyone and continue as a closed working group. One’s own artistic work can also be investigated and discussed together within the working group.

Facilitator: Thomas Schaupp (DE), freelance dance dramaturg, teacher and advisor.


Basics in Content Marketing


This practical workshop will focus on content marketing for dance, its role, terminology, costs and cost-effectiveness as well as look at inspirational cases. The workshop will provide tools including a 5-step manual. The workshop is primarily aimed at dance producers and PR officers wanting to enhance their know-how in marketing.

Facilitator: Elli Mäkilä (FI), CEO of Storybound, expert in native advertising and experienced media, marketing and advertising professional specialized in performing arts.


WiseMotion Experts

Movement-based workshop

WiseMotion is a method, which improves physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding through movement and neuroscience. This workshop for dance and movement professionals is based on guided improvisation, neuroscientific explanation of the experience, and group conversation. The movement material aims for effortless and intuitive individual bodywork, and spontaneous, flexible and organic embodied collaboration. The neuroscientific material and group conversation are directed to nourish the professional development in creation, and give tools and new point of views for the demands of the high-level embodied performance.

Facilitator: Hanna Poikonen (FI), PhD in the neuroscience of dance, developer of the WiseMotion method, dance artist


The use of coaching methods in the arts

2-day workshop

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process, focused on developing strengths and self-reflection. Coaching skills and tools can be used in personal development as well as improving interpersonal skills and collaboration. In this workshop, the principles and methods of coaching are presented. Participants will also learn and try out coaching methods in practice and discuss ideas for practical use in the dance field.

Facilitators: Teppo Virtanen (FI), Certified Business Coach and MA in Dance, and Outi Järvinen (FI), CEO of Arts Management Helsinki.


How to build the perfect artist residency?

Roundtable session

Artist residencies are multiplying by the dozen and the formats are diverse. Some provide the artist with everything from working spaces and salaries to production and networking assistance; others merely boast with beautiful scenery and a roof over your head. Who are the different residencies really for and what purpose do they fill? What roles do these sought after opportunities play in an artist’s career development on one hand and on the other hand, what is fair in terms of opportunity and support? In the time of precarisation, why do we construct more and more residency programmes?

This dialogue-based roundtable session will rethink residencies from the artists’ perspective and focus on issues around sustainability, rights and responsibilities and ethical questions, such as hosting artists who travel with family members and when residencies can call themselves co-producers. The session will include presentations of residency programs (speakers tbc) and the aim is to identify some success factors for a sustainable artist residency.

Facilitators: Jesper de Neergard, director, and Jeppe Hemdorff Nissen, producer and dramaturge at Bora Bora (DK).


Working sustainably as an artist

Sharing session

What does it mean to work sustainably as an artist? Is it about career development and working practices, about artistic choices or practical solutions, or about the use of one’s resources in a responsible and effective way? Which are the preconditions for managing and nurturing your career and how can challenges be overcome? Sustainability from an artist’s perspective can be about all this and more.

This sharing session will look at how dance artists can think and work in a sustainable way. Dance artists Sari Palmgren (FI) and Steinunn Ketilsdóttir (IS) will present their own approaches to the subject and reflect on how sustainable thinking and practice has affected their work, well-being and outlook on being an artist in today’s society. After this the participants will be invited to pose questions and share their own experiences, thoughts and ideas on how sustainability can be implemented in practice.

Moderator: Ólöf Ingólfsdóttir (IS), founding member of Dance Atelier in Reykjavik and Reykjavik Dance Festival, dance artist.


Nordic Circle of Artistic Management

Sharing session

Nordic Circle of Artistic Management is an international network created for the development of production and management skills across the field of dance. It has organized international mentoring programs for producers and self-producing artists in the Nordic countries.

In this session, the knowledge, experiences and best practices of Nordic Circle will be shared with the wider dance community. Nordic Circle partners are Arts Management Helsinki (FI), SITE Sweden, Performing Arts Hub Norway, Project Centre /Dansehallerne (DK) and Dance Atelier (IS).


EU Creative Europe 2021-2027 programme in the making
Info session

An introduction to the next EU Creative Europe programme for 2021-2027. What are the main points, the new traits and what should cultural operators think about when preparing for the new programme.

Speaker: Riikka Koivula (FI), Senior Programme Adviser, Creative Europe Desk Finland