Morning classes

WiseMotion Experts
Movement-based workshops for artists and pedagogues

WiseMotion is a method, which improves physical abilities, self-awareness and social bonding through movement and neuroscience. This workshop is designed for dance and movement professionals and based on guided improvisation, neuroscientific explanation of the experience, and group conversation. The movement material aims for effortless and intuitive individual bodywork, and adaptive and organic embodied collaboration. The neuroscientific material and group conversation are directed to nourish the professional development in creation, and give tools and new point of views for the demands of the high-level embodied performance.

Workshop 1: The Brain Intertwined – Movement, Emotion and Cognition
Workshop 2: Creativity, Awareness and the Neural Networks

Hanna Poikonen (FI), PhD in neuroscience of movement, dance and music and developer of the WiseMotion method. She has studied movement and dance in New York (Gibney Dance, Movement Research), Barcelona (La Caldera, Institut del Teatre), Montreal (Circuit-Est Centre Chorégraphique) and Berlin (Marameo). She worked for five years in brain research and education focusing on learning and creativity at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology after which she pursued her PhD at the Faculty of Medicine in the University of Helsinki.


More classes coming soon!