Keynotes and discussions

Expanding professionalism
Opening keynote and panel discussion, Thursday 17th

The opening keynote will address the main theme of expanding professionalism and professional identities. Discussing the development of dance professions is necessary within the field, and more generally in relation to changes in the world of work. The panel discussion that follows will challenge the different perspectives of expanding professionalism. What does multiprofessionalism mean in practice? How should we start thinking differently about our skill sets? What is value and what is added value? It’s time to start seeing artists as experts; it’s time to unravel the myth of the independent and free artist and deconstruct the dichotomy between the mythical and the instrumental value of art.

Keynote: Kai Lehikoinen (FI), Director of CERADA Research Centre at the University of Arts, Helsinki & Vice-Director of ArtsEqual Research Initiative

Maria Mebius-Schröder (SE), dance artist and process manager at TILLT
Hanna Poikonen (FI), PhD in neuroscience of movement, dance and music, developer of the WiseMotion method.
and others tbc


Keynote and panel discussion, Friday 18th

Coming soon!


What is the point of it all?
Working internationally in the age of ecological crisis, part 1
Keynote and panel discussion, Saturday 19th

We are in the midst of an ecological crisis that impacts the art field as well as the society at large. Restraining climate change will require significant changes in consumption habits, travel and production, to name a few. Dance is an international art form, so what does working internationally mean in times of climate change? Artists can act as drivers for transition and be at the forefront in tackling these most pressing issues, so how should we prepare for a more sustainable future and which are the first steps to be taken?

A keynote and panel discussion will address these questions, among others, from different perspectives. After the discussion we will go from words to actions and develop concrete proposals for measures to be taken by the dance community.

Moderator: Ása Richardsdottír (IS/BE), Secretary General, IETM
Speakers: Sari Palmgren (FI), Choreographer, and others tbc